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3 Ways to Have a Successful Date Over Coffee


If you’re like everybody else, then there’s a good chance that you didn’t think much about where you’d go and what you’re going to do once you meet up with that cute girl you stumbled upon online. So in general, people meeting for the first time will do so over a cup of coffee. However, meeting her for coffee is a great way to make her like you even more and if that sounds surprising to you, then wait until you read our 3 tips on how you can do that.

Make eye contact
If you met her for coffee at a popular coffee chain, then there’s probably going to be a lot of movement around you. However, you should try as much as possible to only focus your attention on her. Do not look at anyone else but there, since this is going to tell her that you are very interested in her and what she’s saying.

One touch can be very powerful
Surely enough, eye contact is vital when meeting her for the first time, but you should also consider how powerful your touch can be in all of this. So when you meet her and shake her hand, make sure that you do it in such a way that it makes her feel secure and tell her that you have serious intentions with her. She’ll certainly pick up on this and the date is going to be a success.

Comfortable talk
When meeting up for coffee, you are going to spend quite a bit of time facing the lady you like and this gives you an immense opportunity to know her better and have her know more about you as well. During this time, talk about anything that makes both of you comfortable and try to start off as friends. Don’t forget to also be genuine in everything you do and say, since this is going to go a long way into making her feel more comfortable around you.

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